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Training focused on cash returns

The most reliable information comes from the source

Our courses train your teams to use many of the tools we use in our guaranteed consulting work.  These tools were developed by our own Dr. Reginald Tomas Lee, who also leads the seminars.

Dr. Lee has trained many major companies internationally and is the author of several books and dozens of articles. He has been a professor in both business and engineering, and is on staff at Miami University's Farmer School of Business in Oxford, Oh.

Training with a guarantee: these classes will help generate more cash or we will refund your fees.

Aligning Accounting & Operations

Accounting and operations are typically at odds.  They use different terms and metrics, and they often have different objectives.  When alignment occurs, however, magic happens.  Teams work together on investments and improvements so that optimal operational and financial performance results.

This course, based on the forthcoming book, Strategic Cost Transformation:  Using Business Domain Management to Improve Cost Data, Analysis, and Management, creates a model for your company to help ensure alignment between the groups.  We will establish a common language, common metrics, and common objectives so that both groups can work together seamlessly.

Duration: 1 day

Cash Management Culture

When employees are engaged in cash management and have the tools to do so, they will always look out for what's right for your company.  This course will help your employees understand accounting costs, cash costs, and how to understand and manage them both.  We will the dive into the details of how they can be more cash conscious in all aspects of their jobs with the objective of arming them with tools that will help them make decisions that are more cash positive for your company.

Duration: 1 day

Project Profitability & Cash ROI

Defining and implementing projects that have a significant cash return is not an easy task.  It requires a methodology, diligence, and financial tools that go beyond the capabilities of accounting information.

This class, based on the forthcoming book, Project Profitability:  How to select, justify, and implement projects to achieve maximum cash ROI, will establish the process and teach your team the tools to maximize returns on projects and minimize unproductive projects.

Duration: 1 day

The Design of Cash & Cost Management Systems

Cost and cash management systems are critical for most organization.  However, most fall short by focusing only on the accounting dimension while ignoring the operations and cash dimension.  This leads to situations where there is no distinction between cash and non-cash costs, and opens the door to improvements that improve accounting profit but hurt cash profit.  This workshop will introduce the elements of Cash & Cost Management Systems, why it is important to extend beyond accounting data, and how to use the information to make improved pricing, customer, and product line decisions.

Duration: 2 days

Eliminate Bamboozling

Every day, an employee somewhere in your company will face a situation​ where they can be bamboozled by a salesperson, a Lean/Six Sigma project, an IT team, or a consultant.  This seminar will show your team, using BDR tools, how they try to bamboozle your team, how to avoid being tricked into opportunities that will not pay off in cash, and how to work with vendors to define and realize the value you are looking for.

Duration: 1 day

Most workshops and seminars are standard.  Bespoke sessions are also available.  Please inquire for details.  Workshops are hands-on and one day in length.  Attendees are encouraged to learn the tools by using them on current projects while in class.  Case examples are offered otherwise.

Workshops are limited to 20 participants.