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Ways we help you improve


Supercharge Cost Management

BDR work with your team to expand the effectiveness of your cost management approaches.  Our framework creates a second dimension to your accounting systems that create greater clarity and context for accounting numbers.  This second dimension also provides insights to improvements that accounting tools typically do not see and, therefore, offer.

Generate Cash Profit

BDR will help you understand why your cash profit performance is less than desirable and design a solution that will create positive cash profit for your firm.  In doing so, we do not use accounting numbers as other consultancies do, as accounting typically does a less than desirable job modeling cash.

Performance & Effectiveness

BDR will work with your team to set operational targets, and design solutions to help you achieve them. Typical examples are:

  • Increase process throughput/speed

  • Increase efficiency/productivity

  • Reduce capacity consumed by process/reduce process costs

Project Profitability

BDR has a four step methodology that does two things with corporate improvement programs.  First, it helps create more accurate financial projections with improvement projects.  Second, it helps ensure the promised benefits will be realized.  We use an approach based on our cash modeling methodologies rather than accounting-based analyses. Typical affected projects include:

  • IT implementations

  • Lean and Six Sigma projects

  • Corporate strategies and transformations

  • Projects being sold by consultants