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Relentless focus on cash and operations

"We're profitable, but we don't have any money!"

This is common amongst companies of all sizes; profit isn't reflected in the company's cash position. Two things BDR does arguably better than any other firm are:

  1.  We help companies understand the difference between accounting information and operations and cash data, which explains why profit and cash don't align, and

  2. We create solutions that help our customers make money. Tell us what you want, we'll show you how to get it.

The firm was created solely for these purposes and, in fact, we guarantee our results.

Why are we better? Simple. Most firms use accounting information. We believe accounting tools and information are ill-equipped to help leaders make decisions that improve operations and cash performance. 

BDR does not use accounting information. Instead, BDR's models and tools are based on the leading edge research and teachings of Dr. Reginald Tomas Lee. These tools focus on the factors that affect cash; primarily sales and capacity management, and the decisions, models, and tools leaders use that influence both.

This keeps us focused on the performance of your business and from promising huge savings other consultancies promise, but we know they'll never deliver. What we promise, we will deliver - in cash.

Our tools are so effective, leading CPA societies such as the California Society of CPAs, the Ohio Society of CPAs, and Angok in México have asked Dr. Lee teach their members about his tools.

To learn more about how BDR can help you, give us a call today and see what we can do for your firm.



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Understand how and why your firm is losing money.

We will work with you to help you understand how current practices are causing your company to lose money even when increasing profitability. These are blind spots for many organizations and their leaders. We will analyze processes, metrics, and decision-making, and will share findings and recommendations.


Solutions guaranteed to improve cash performance

Cash improvement strategy involves working with you to identify specific cash targets and creating a detailed plan to achieve them. This isn't about payables and receivables. It's about looking at your entire business structure and designing the necessary improvements to meet your objectives.


Performance Management

This is a multiple step process. First, we will introduce our business domain management framework to your company. Next, we will help you understand how decisions within the framework, along with the appropriate metrics can help you manage your business to meet cash objectives.


Expert Guidance

Either with our numerous partners or by working directly with your company, we will put on either packaged or bespoke training sessions for your team. Seminars range from 90 minutes to two days, and are focused on creating a deeper level understanding of ways to manage for improved cash.



Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Reginald brings a fresh, new perspective on our most challenging business issues. Whether it’s growing sales, improving cash flow, or better managing capacity, his work delivers what we never knew was possible.


Reginald has more clarity on the effect of decisions on cash flow than anyone I have ever read or heard from.


"[O]ur current costing system was not accurate....We contacted Reginald and hired him to evaluate several of our plants and...[we are] changing the way our plants analyze their Profit and Loss statement based on his concepts."


We initially engaged Reginald to assist us with evaluating our cash flow. His concepts of capacity and value have been of significant help in our evaluation of our operations and financial requirements. Dr. Lee has also helped us establish a number of revenue generating projects as well. His professionalism, objectivity and experience have been of great benefit and I highly recommend him to others.


Reginald is a highly effective consultant/partner for businesses that need a change in approach to drive a better business outcome. He brings clarity to the connection between business strategy and execution by bringing a high level framework into the discussion that helps sort the meaningful from the trivial and get the business focused on the key metrics that really matter. He has an even-keeled but highly effective style that helps folks at all levels of the organization understand why these concepts matter, challenge their current approach against this new way of thinking, and most importantly, apply what they have learned to align and drive successful business results.

VP Operations

I have been working in Treasury and Cash Management for more than 30 years, and had never heard anyone explain as simply as you did how to differentiate between the "Cash and Accounting Domains”. Great stuff!

President, International Treasury Consultant




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