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How we engage



We use a 4-D methodology as a path to cash profit improvement.

  • Discover - Identify high level improvement opportunities

  • Define - Define the opportunity scope and specifics about the improvement from perspective of cash and operations

  • Design - Design the plan, execution responsibilities, and projected benefit

  • Deliver - Execute the plan and manage benefit realization

Models and Tools

BDR has developed advanced analysis tools based on our Business Domain Management framework.  These tools and analytics offer executives insight into real-time cash and capacity performance that traditional accounting and finance tools cannot provide.  This allows you to be more proactive and precise with your managerial decision making, cash modeling, and budgeting.


BDR, in conjunction with partners such as Xavier Leadership Center in Cincinnati, and ANGOK/Index in México, and soon, the Ohio Society of CPAs, offers training to individuals and teams.  BDR will work with your team to define the scope, format, and outcomes.  Class types include both concept overviews and design workshops, which focus on ensuring your team leaves with a working knowledge of the course content.  

Classes can be held at your site or another site that is convenient to you.

On-demand advisory

Sometimes clients don't have a specific project, but want access for insight, input, and one-off analyses. Retain services locks in your access to expert cash flow & operations consultation.