Reginald Tomas Lee, PhD

Business Dynamics & Research was co-founded in 1994 using principles developed by Dr. Reginald Tomas Lee. An engineer with a passion for business, he has spent the last two decades developing and implementing capacity and cash flow concepts such as explicit cost dynamics (ECD) and operations & cash flow management (OCM).

Dr. Lee's Background & Experience


In addition to his work at BDR, Dr. Lee is a professor at Xavier University's Williams College of Business. Previously, he has worked for a number of major global brands including EY, GM, IBM, and Oracle. In addition to teaching business at Xavier, he has also been a professor of industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and business at other schools including Miami University's Farmer School of Business.


Dr. Lee is currently the author of three books, Lies, Damned Lies, and Cost AccountingEssentials of Capacity Management, and Explicit Cost Dynamics.  He also he has two more under contract due out in late 2018 - early 2019; 

  • Strategic Cost Transformation:  Using Business Domain Management to Improve Cost Data, Analysis, and Management  

  • Project Profitability:  How to select, justify, and implement projects to achieve maximum cash ROI

He has also published more than 30 articles in magazines such as APICS, Cincinnati Business Courier, Cost Management, Industrial Engineer, Industrial Management, Journal of Cost Management, Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance, and Solutions


Dr. Lee has three degrees in mechanical engineering including a PhD from the University of Dayton.


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For our 200th show, we brought back Dr. Reginald Tomas Lee, author of Lies, Damned Lies, and Cost Accounting: How Capacity Management Enables Improved Cost and Cash Flow Management. Reginald first appeared on October 7, 2016, Episode #112.

We focused on his upcoming book, Strategic Cost Transformation: Using Business Domain Management to Improve Cost Data, Analysis, and Management, which is due out this November or December.

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