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A few of our more popular articles published in Cost Management, Industrial Management, and the Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance

Accounting profit and cash flow are not the same. They are not even close in most cases. Here's why.

In many cases, accounting fixed and variable costs do not only misrepresent cash flow, they're completely opposite!

Here are the things you may be doing that unknowingly destroy cash

Accounting creates a perception that inventory is almost the same as cash. It isn't.

Technology value propositions are often grossly overstated and do not achieve expected value. Here's what you can do about it.

When doing cost benefit analyses, most ROI calculations are significantly overstated.

Maximum cash flow performance happens when your organization is aligned with internal and external demands.

ROI erosion in improvement projets is real. Here's a three step process aimed at eliminating it.

Accounting has cash flow contribution margins wrong. Here's how to consider contribution margins from a cash flow perspective.

Due to copyright issues, we cannot store full versions on the site. However, please feel free to request copies (maximum three at a time) and let us know if you're interested in other articles or topics we've published.